Hybrid Charge Controller 24V 1500 for Wind Turbine Generator

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1.5KW 24V P
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 Charge Controller SPECIFICATION


Nominal battery voltage 12 oder 24v  24V 24V         48v
Power wind turbine 800W 1000W 1500W      2000w
Power Pv modules maximum 300W 600W 600W     600w 
charging voltage 12,6V 25,2V 25,2V      50,5V
Charging current wind max.   45A  45A       33A
Battery undervoltage shutdown 8,5 V 17,5V 17,5V        45V
Voltage for battery charging end and at the beginning of the magnetic brake 14,8V 28,4V 28,4V     58,4V
protection voltage 16V 30V 30V        64V

Dimensions in mm

300x200x150 300x200x150 300x200x150 300x200x150
Weight in kg 3 3 3
Recommended battery 12V / 24V 100 A 100 A        100 A
Maximum input voltage 25V /  45V 45V 45V  60V
2 Year Warranty