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Heli 2KW On-Grid Wind Turbine with New Blade


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HELI2ON with new blade
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  • Universal application for low, middle and high wind
  • 3-phase permanent magnets (High efficiency due to strong permanent magnets (NdFeB magnets, 150 ° temperature resistant)
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Powder coated aluminum housing
  • Low noise
  • Power transmission through slip ring, thereby no twisting of the cable possible
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • New blades are more performances and hand made.



We are pleased to introduce our new IstaBreeze® wind generator helicopter series.


3 wing version hand laminated


The newly developed IstaBreeze® Heli 2.0 is a wind turbine for long-term professional use that automatically delivers reliable energy even under extreme conditions.


The generous dimensions of the generator components and the heat dissipation through the grooves in the nacelle housing ensure a low heat load, which ensures a long service life even at high ambient temperatures.


The generator shaft runs in permanently lubricated, robust deep groove ball bearings made of stainless steel. The support element of the Heli series is equipped with azimuth pivot bearings.


Product features Heli 2 On Grid:

Weight: 81
Speed range: 0 rpm - 800 rpm
Rated voltage: 350VDC
Wear element: Powder-coated steel
Working range: 150 - 600 rpm (low speed wind turbine)
Rated power: 2.0 KW



Material: Carbon fiber (extremely stiff and quiet) Made in Germany!

Noise: 40 db

Weight: 1600 g (per blade)

Rotor Diameter: 250 cm

Color: white hand laminated

Blade length: 125 cm






2 Year Warranty