1.5KW 24V Pro Wind Charge Controller


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1.5KW 24V Pro
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  • Battery voltage minimum: 21V
  • Cable: 10 qmm screw terminals 
  • Charging current wind amperes max.: 60 A 
  • Charging voltage: 25V
  • Cooling: External aluminum cooling fins
  • Display: LCD with 3 displays Amper, Watts, Battery Voltage, Brake
  • Dump Load: 2.0 KW braking resistor The load resistor can deviate from the picture. 
  • Integrated manual stop switch: Maintenance
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Max. Input Power of Wind Turbine Nominal :1.5KW Max: 2 KW
  • Braking function: (electromagnetic short-circuit, ) From 28.8V. If cooling temperature is reach 50°C or more, then automatic brake will be active.  
  • Operating temperature: Normal: 20-49°C/  Industrial: 50°C breaking /45°C break out
  • Recommended Battery: Min. Acid & gel
2 Year Warranty